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pH Adjuster

pH Adjuster

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The essential final touch to your shower routine that transforms not just your hair, but your entire hair care experience.

Did You Know?

The water you use has a high pH that can disrupt the delicate balance of your scalp? This creates tangled hair, can lead to hair breakage, cuticle damage and hair becoming de-hydrated. pH Adjuster is here to revolutionise the way you care for your hair.

pH Adjuster instantly brings the water's pH down, countering the high pH of our water, sealing the hair's cuticle, and retaining moisture for manageable, hydrated, and healthy hair. Our unique formula extends its benefits beyond your hair, nourishing and leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated.

Simply put, pH Adjuster is a MUST in your hair care routine for everyone regardless of your hair type. It's the secret weapon that ensures healthy hair.

Transform your hair care experience with pH Adjuster.


  • Seals the hair cuticle
  • Retains moisture
  • Manages frizzy hair
  • Enhances color retention
  • Prevents tangling, breakage, split ends and cuticle damage


We recommend using pH Adjuster as part of a signature qaba finale rinse for optimal results.

Once you've finished cleansing your hair, as a finale step before getting out of the shower simply fill an empty qaba bottle with water, add 3 drops of your favourite qaba pure essential oil and 1 drop of pH Adjuster. Shake well. Turn the water off, disperse your finale rinse evenly over your hair & scalp and step out of the shower.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Best hair!

I started using the pH adjuster a few weeks back and purchased the Coconut treatment too, have been using both plys a satin bonet and my hair has been the lushest ever. Even family members commenting how great my hair looks!
love it. The only issue is that the writing on the bottle rubbed off with water so had to look for the instructions online as I have an awful memory for instructions.

Mia R.

i would definitely reccomend

Sarah H.

I can’t believe how this product has changed my hair, I didn’t expect it to actually work this well.

Harper B.

The volume has come back into my hair since I started using ph adjuster

Chloe H.

I love how shiny my hair looks since using this!