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Pure Blonde Shampoo

Pure Blonde Shampoo

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Pure Blonde Shampoo is formulated to prevent blondes from going brassy and help restore, strengthen, and protect hair from UV rays. A must have product for all blondes! Whether it’s natural or coloured blonde hair.

Formulated with certified organic Rosehip oil, organic Camomile oil, certified organic Jojoba, and certified organic Avocado oil for maximum moisture, Wheat protein that helps restore dry hair, pure organic Lavender water to condition and detangle while essential oils stimulate the body mind and soul.

Pure Blonde Shampoo has a low pH to gently clean and maintain blonde hair to its ideal state. Normal blonde hair is polished. Fine blonde hair volumised. Dry blonde hair is pampered.

Pure Blonde Shampoo also works magic for grey hair and children’s hair.

Did You Know?

Contrary to common belief, a rich lather doesn't equate to a better cleanse. In fact, excessive lathering of shampoo is a sign of harsh, drying ingredients. qaba's shampoo, with its sulfate-free formulation, provides a gentle, deep cleanse, while preserving your hair's natural oils.


At qaba were committed to being truly sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free. Sulfate is a common ingredient responsible for the lathering effect in most shampoos. At qaba we exclude sodium lauryl sulfate from all our shampoos due to the harsh nature of this ingredient. Sulfate strips the hair and scalp of their natural oils, leading to dry and irritated scalp, and damaged hair.

Sulfate also contributes to colour fading and a dull appearance. Our sulfate-free formula ensures a gentle yet effective cleanse, leaving your hair naturally vibrant and nourished.

Join us in redefining your haircare routine and experience the qaba difference.


Shampoo as normal & towel dry hair. Place a small amount in your palms & add your favorite qaba hair & scalp oil for extra benefits. Work through the hair evenly & massage it well. Wrap in a hot towel for 5-10mins, then rinse well. Use weekly & enjoy super healthy, soft, shiny hair. May also be used (sparingly) as a leave-in treatment for very thirsty hair or to detangle hair.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lea A.

Gentle and works well to maintain my colour inbetween salon visits

Katie W.

Highly recommended!

Mary J.

A lot of shampoos irritate my scalp but I love this one

Kim M.

This with the blonde conditioner is a staple in my shower routine. It leaves my blonde looking so much brighter, i love this duo.

Alison W.

The best shampoo I have ever used