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Q Spray

Q Spray

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Q Spray is the ultimate finishing spray, with the added benefit of UV protection.

Embrace the freedom of natural movement with volume, texture, and hold for all your desired hairstyles.

Fantastic for all hair types, it’s one product you can’t live without, it’s addictive.

Non-Aerosol Formula

Q Spray is a fine mist spray (non-aerosol) that can be used as a texture spray, volumizing and a finishing spray while still allowing your hair to move.

Step into a new era of hairstyling with our consciously formulated aerosol-free hair spray. Traditional hair sprays often come in aerosol form but we wanted to create something different, our formulation isn't just about styling – it's a conscious choice for the health of your hair and the well-being of our planet. The propellants in aerosols can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. 

At qaba, we believe in doing better for your hair and the environment. That's why we've intentionally formulated our hair spray to be aerosol-free. You can now style with confidence, knowing that each spritz is a step towards healthier hair.

Q Spray offers the same level of hold and flexibility you expect from traditional hair spray, without the drawbacks.


For volume or texture spray lightly and dry as usual. For added texture spray sparingly and dry into hair. As a finishing spray, spray all over to hold your dream style in place.

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